Would you show up to an interview without brushing your hair and teeth?

I don't know how many resumes I've read over the past couple decades, hundreds if not thousands. No matter how far we've come with spell check and even have a friend check, it truly amazes me how many applicants continue to submit resumes with spelling and grammer errors our just plain sloppy formatting. Would you show up to an interview without taking a shower? or brushing your hair and teeth? Then why in the world would you send out a resume that looks like your hair is sticking out all over?

Take a look at these 7 resume mistakes that are keeping you from getting an interview, much less employed.

Not-paid (GitHub Repo)

Not-paid is a script for web designers to add to their websites just in case clients refuse to pay for work. Users simply set a due date for payment and then add the code to the head tag of the site, and once the due date is over the site will become increasingly opaque until it disappears altogether. Check it out.

Can Square continue it's amazing run? Let's hope so!

Shares of Square have been on a tear the last 18 months, up over 400%. The company has repeatedly surpassed revenue and earnings expectations, posting wider-than-anticipated EBITDA margin along the way. A recent earnings beat along with news of the company experimenting with cryptocurrency has vaulted the share price to an all-time high.  Read more here.