Would you show up to an interview without brushing your hair and teeth?

I don't know how many resumes I've read over the past couple decades, hundreds if not thousands. No matter how far we've come with spell check and even have a friend check, it truly amazes me how many applicants continue to submit resumes with spelling and grammer errors our just plain sloppy formatting. Would you show up to an interview without taking a shower? or brushing your hair and teeth? Then why in the world would you send out a resume that looks like your hair is sticking out all over?

Take a look at these 7 resume mistakes that are keeping you from getting an interview, much less employed.

Desert Code Camp == Free Training and free meals to boot!

I attended the annual Desert Code Camp technology conference this past Saturday. I must say, this was my first time attending and I was pretty impressed with the caliber of presentations. You won't get better information at a paid multi-day conference. And they fed us breakfast, lunch and dinner too!

I especially liked the thought provoking presentation on the future without jQuery, Post jQuery by Rob Richardson. Makes me consider being able to drop jQuery from my future projects.